Ansar Football Club – Nabil Badr

Green Glory believes it has obligation towards improving society and look for solutions that will assist in those improvements. Our contribution in Corporate Social Responsibility is mainly directed towards sports.  Through sport, children learn sportsmanship and other life skills. Youth sport can help them grow towards positive development and good relationships with others. Sport is

Building restoration after August 4 Beirut Port’s blast

After August 4 Beirut Port’s blast, Mr. Badr gave out generous donations to the people of Beirut affected by the blast. Mr. Badr sponsored the restoration of a building, in Rmeil, Beirut, which was affected by the explosion. As his main concern was to help people get back to their houses before winter. In such

Distributing food ration

Mr. Nabil Badr donated big quantities of food rations to underprivileged Lebanese citizens. As so many people are in need of it, especially in the light of the economic crisis Lebanon is passing through. Each box included various types of food to meet the needs of people. Mr. Badr helped as many people as he