Producing sensitive documents demands the highest levels of quality, security and experience. We provide the strength to deliver the highest and most sophisticated secure documents including the latest security features available in today’s market.

We are able to offer full range of anti-copy, anti-fraud security features like:

Overt and Covert features in Paper, Design and Ink

  • Watermarks
  • Geometric lathe work
  • Guilloche
  • Micro printing
  • Anti-copying marks
  • Color-changing inks / Optical variable inks (OVI)
  • UV Inks
  • Thermochromic Ink
  • Coin reactive ink printing
  • Rainbow prints
  • Conical laser number perforation
  • Fluorescent dyes
  • Registration of features on both sides
  • Electronic devices

We have been supplying documents with the above security features to the various sectors of industries.